4 Great reasons to stay in an Inverell Motel

If you are taking the inland route between Sydney and Brisbane, why not stay at an Inverell motel? Motels in Inverell, New South Wales are easily reached from Coffs Harbour and Armidale, nestled in a picturesque valley beside the Macintyre River, providing a relaxed stopover or even a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Staying at an Inverell motel is a great way to explore the local country and most travellers appreciate the homely atmosphere and pioneering spirit of motels. It’s also the perfect treat if you have been on the road for a few days (or weeks) and have been dreaming of a comfortable bed with lots of facilities.

Some of the best features of motels in Inverell, New South Wales are that they are not as expensive as hotels, whilst still offering clean, comfortable rooms and you can park your car outside your room.

Clean comfortable rooms and good service

It doesn’t matter how much you pay for a room, you always want clean comfortable rooms with good facilities and customer service. Some people believe that you have to pay exorbitant prices to achieve this level of comfort, so you might be surprised to learn that motels in Inverell, New South Wales are popular for this very reason. If you want a friendly service with all the comforts of home and a first-class service to boot, then an Inverell motel ticks all the boxes.

Inverell motels are not as expensive as hotels

Motels are usually cheaper than hotels, but that doesn’t mean that they offer poorer accommodation and services. Far from it – motels in Inverell are cheaper because we don’t have the overheads of large hotels, leaving more money in your pocket for sightseeing and travelling.

Parking outside your room is a huge bonus!

There is nothing more satisfying that being able to park your vehicle outside your room. This simply isn’t possible at a hotel, but it’s one of the great benefits of staying at motels in Inverell, New South Wales. Keeping an eye on your vehicle and any belongings you may choose to leave in your car during your stay is one of the huge benefits of staying in a motel. Not having to walk miles of corridors and hallways is also another big bonus!

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