Why are the houses, units, hotels and motels in Inverell New South Wales so popular?

Inverell is one of the best spots to raise your family or enjoy a well-earned break with family and friends, which is why the motels in Inverell, New South Wales are so popular. Holiday makers from across Australia, as well as overseas visitors, appreciate our laid back atmosphere, beautiful natural environment and our big country welcome.

Are you are considering booking your holiday accommodation in Inverell or maybe moving here to raise your family? Well – keep reading because we have rustled up some great facts about our lovely town that investors, buyers, renters and holiday-makers will appreciate.

Inverell offers you the perfect lifestyle

With beautiful weather all year round and lakes, national parks, wineries, fossicking, shopping, restaurants, cafes and so much more – you won’t be bored living in Inverell. In fact, we find many holiday-makers keep returning to book the same accommodation at the motels in Inverell every year, particularly when the Murray Cod are running!

The majority of Inverell locals are families with young or teenage children who find that the fresh air and country living keeps everyone fit and healthy. Of course, we also have elderly couples and singles, as well as younger singles and couples, giving Inverell a real community feel that is appreciated by everyone in town.

If you have booked your Inverell accommodation, because you are hoping to check out the real estate or rental properties here, then you will be happy to know that the median price of 2 bedroom homes is $182,500, 3 bedrooms is $230,000 and 4 bedrooms is $355,000. These prices are extraordinary in the current market, but they give Australians a great opportunity to buy their own home in one of the best spots on the east coast.

Renters can also look forward to more cash in their pocket, because the equivalent rents are $243, $295 and $345 per week for 2, 3 and 4 bedroom properties. You can even rent a two bedroom unit for $180 per week! Another huge benefit of living in Inverell, is that there is a lot less competition for these properties than in Sydney, making it much easier to grab a home at a great price.

If you are searching for the best motels in Inverell, New South Wales for your next trip to our neck of the woods, call the Inverell Motel on 02 67222077 or make an online booking.